Zander Woodford-Smith, TEDx Speaker, $100K / month entrepreneur is the CEO of Business Coach Academy and presenter of this training class. Zander has coached Olympic Coaches & Athletes and Executives of the largest companies in the world.

This FREE training class cut's right to the chase and reveals exactly how you can start a brand new adventure and change the trajectory of your future forever, today, by tapping into the insane demand for people who can help businesses to overcome struggles and grow to the next level"

You ask questions every single day already. Why not get paid to do it as a highly paid and praised business coach who transforms businesses with ease? Sign up and watch the free class now.

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This Playbook

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Simplifies your goals so they become easy

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The Life Playbook I Use To Make $100,000 A Month From Anywhere In The World

I want to show you exactly what I do, & mentor you

And Date Multiple Women At The Same Time


Over 12,000 Ambitious Men Use The Life Playbook Tools To Reach Their Potential

Zander went from struggling to sign a single client to +$100K/month in 3 years while travelling the world. He graduated from the #1 International Business Programme in the USA, has 2x Global Impact Awards, & coached Olympic Athletes & Coaches & Execs of FTSE 100 companies


The Life Playbook I Use To Make $100,000 A Month From Anywhere In The World

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"I posted a question on the facebook group and got a 5-6 min video reply from Zander. That blew me away."

The Support Blew Me Away

"I improved my clarity, strategy, psychology & environment. As a result my profits doubled and I'm not stopping now."

My Profits doubled!

"...and signed my first client in a new business I started...The transformation model alone was worth the money!"

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Only Takes 5 Seconds.

Only Takes 5 Seconds.